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Remembering Norway Rock Festival!



Norway Rock Festival, formerly known as Kvinesdal Rock Festival, was a rock and metal festival held annually in Kvinesdal, Norway since 2006. The 2007 edition took place on July 12 – July 15, The 2008 edition took place on July 10 – July 12, The 2009 edtion took place July 9 – July 11, The 2010 edition took place July 7 – July 11 and the 2011 edition took place July 7 – July 10. For economic reasons the festival was completed in 2011, but ….we still hope that the festival will be held soon again.

During the period 2006 to 2011, the festival has hosted many of the biggest rock artists from around the world!

What are your favorite artists who has performed at Norway Rock Festival so far?

To check out all the great artists who have performed at the festival and to give your vote: Click here >

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