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The amazing Beth Hart album «Bang Bang Boom Boom» (US) have been voted by thousands of music lover from all over the world for BEST ALBUM 2013. The voting from the public, readers and the music lovers is  undoubtedly the most important and impressive acolade and artist can get. The poll  have been conducted December 2013  until 12th of January 2014.

What is Your favorite songs at «Bang Bang Boom Boom?

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Thousands of music lovers have been voting among 83 great nominated albums. The results of this voting have been very close, especially between the Top 20. Already from the start three albums stood out as the Top 3, Beth Hart «Bang Bang Boom Boom» (1), Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa «Seesaw» (2) and Dana Fuchs «Bliss Avenue» (3). Stay tuned for full information about the voting results to all the 83 nominated album. We will also give you a special depth Top 10 editorial coverage.

In the meantime – enjoy the winner:

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