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Mötley Crüe filmen: Hatet av kritikere – elsket av fansen



Den Netflix produserte filmen "The Dirt " om Mötley Crüe Foto: Jake Giles Netter, Netflix

Filmen «The Dirt» ble sluppet 22. mars via strømmetjenesten Netflix

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx avviser iflg. Blabbermouth strømmen av kritikk og negative anmeldelser som bandet har mottatt for filmatiseringen av boken «The Dirt» og insisterer på at fansen elsker filmen.

Han tweeted på fredag:

«The album is number #1.The fans are going crazy over #TheDirt. The critics hate it. @MotleyCrue @netflix WORLD FUCKING WIDE.»

«The Dirt» har for tiden en 86% positiv publikumsscore fra 324 omtaler på Rotten Tomatoes, en anerkjent online tjeneste som gjør det mulig for publikum å bedømme filmer.

Los Angeles Times skriver bl.a.:

«The Dirt» «horribly timed,» «astoundingly tone deaf» and «as vapid and misogynistic as the band members and the book they wrote with author Neil Strauss.»

The Daily Beast skriver bl.a.:

«The Dirt» «spends almost two hours glamorizing shitty behavior, and then attempts to exonerate its stars with a few vague voiceovers about regret and rehabilitation.»

The Atlantic skriver bl.a.:

«The danger of a document like ‘The Dirt’ is in showing pigheadedness as not only fun and cool, but also elemental, inexplicable, and unstoppable.»

Deadline skriver bl.a:

«The Dirt» has been «bleached pretty clean from its feral and self-admitted sordid source material,» citing frontman Vince Neil’s drunken car crash that killed HANOI ROCKS drummer Razzle and the death of his daughter after a battle with cancer as «rare exceptions in this straight to MOR movie that has a limited emotional range outside of party time.»

New York Times skriver bl.a._

«Mötley Crüe’s first gig, as dramatized in Jeff Tremaine’s Netflix adaptation of the band’s memoir, “The Dirt,” does not go well. The drummer, Tommy Lee, knocks over a cymbal before anyone plays a note; the crowd’s heckling turns into a full-on brawl. But when that fight is over, a guy in the back punctures the silence to scream, “[Expletive] yeah, Mötley Crüe!. And that sentiment is an apt summation of the approach and complexity of this tepid, incompetent biopic».

Har du sett filmen «The Dirt»?

Les også: Mötley Crüe medlemmene er samlet i platestudio

Hva synes du om filmen?

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