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Exclusive: Beth Hart interview, unplugged & meet&greet!



Millions of musiclovers have now open their eyes, ears and hearts for this unique artist. Why?

Beth Hart, with her extremely warm and friendly personality gives from her openhearted mind real unmasked feelings from the bottom of her heart like an exploding of feelings through her music. She`s unique because of her way to reach out and touch your feelings through her music, her voice, the lyrics, and her energetic personality at the same time. That`s why even us tough rockguys who «never» cries also get wet eyes.

Beth Harts new studiorecord «My California» who will be released later this year, is full of great new powerfull songs of feelings. This new album is based on a close work together with the Danish songwriter, singer and record producer Rune Westberg who lives in LA. Beth and Rune have also work together with her album «Leave The light On».

Beth Hart about her new record:

(also listen to the new single «Like You (And Everyone Else)»


  Exclusive Beth Hart Unplugged for Rockman`s readers:


(fans from all over the world are welcome to join this great competition)


The competition is now closed!

Here is the lucky winners:

The winner of meet&greet and free tickets for 2 persons:

Monica Haugen (Norway)

The winners of the signed new record «My California»:

Yvette Winslow (US), Tove Edvartsen Melhus (Norway), Lone Gedsted Nielsen (Denmark), Chris Eilerås Heggertveit (Norway), Roger Maurstad (Norway), Laura LeBlanc (US), Clair Mèdard (France), Maria Rømer (Denmark), Melissa Rinker (US), Grace Kerridge (New Zealand) 

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