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DIMINISH Diminish is a band with its roots in classic metal (Ozzy, Maiden, Metallica, Sabbath) mixed with progressive elements (Dream Theater, Queensryche etc) and a slight touch of more aggressive bands such as In Flames and Pantera. Formed in the summer of 2011 by bassist Dennis Langkjaer and guitarist Rickard Gustavsson, the band soon recruited drummer Thobias Svensson. Singer Magnus Ekström soon joined forces, and the lineup was complete! Diminish is a band that focuses a lot on strong melodies, heavy rhythm playing, intricate details and last but not least, true musicianship! Signed by Rehn Music Group 2017 We have a lot of material and have recorded some of it. Two singles so far this year and a third after the summer. Then we going in to the studio again providing more tracks one after another. We have played live in Stockholm for a while and hope to get a bigger audience and play other cities and countries while growing with our music online! We love playing live, all of us and both we and the crowd use to have a great time! It?s the ultimate reward for all the work we put in to our music. The song ?Avoiding the Conclusion? The song came to us when we was jamming in our rehearsal studio in Stockholm. It started as many times with a riff or a bass line and we improvised on that? the process on this song was quit quick and natural. Lyrics ? ?Avoiding the Conclusion? is about how most of us live our lives on this planet without following finishing the equations. We see the jigsaw parts on the news and in nature but we are avoiding the conclusion. We in the band are no better, that?s important to remember. We don?t want to lecture with this song only make ourselves and whoever wants to, think about it for a moment. ?Magnus Ekström (Singer DIMINISH) The cover picture The meaning with picture a blond child in a war situation is to make us think. We are used to see children from other parts of the world in warzones on TV but it feels so far away. We think it rimes well with the theme of the song.

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